KingArts Appointed

KingArts has been appointed exclusive representative of Tamara Ashburn King responsible for branding, marketing, and sales of Tamara’s artwork.  Providing expertise to world-class artists, partners, and collectors—KingArts also represents contemporary western fine art painter Tom Gilleon and mountain west photographer, David Hooper.  Headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, KingArts website is

“Dragonfly” series

Here’s the thing about dragonflies for me: I’ve had a few really magical and meaningful moments that incorporated dragonfly presence.  One was when I was in Maui with my family. My mom and I were laying on a sacred Hawaiian beach and this whole flurry of dragonflies came off the ocean and hovered over her […]

Artist’s Approach

It is my whole being in creating art that my work is not too representational.  It’s important for me to allow the viewer to have their own experience of the creation. To create their own story: Labelless. Limitless. Undefined.  With only a hint of suggestion of what I was feeling when creating.  Like a two way mirror, […]